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Fahem General Trading Plc.
Fahem coffee plantation is a producer and exporter of specialty coffee from the Ethiopia. We are in the market for more than two decades serving the local and international customer.

We have been in the coffee export business for a generation; therefore we know what we do. You will be happy with our exceptional quality coffee and timely deliveries, ensuring its freshness until your door steps. We provide our coffee to various big and small coffee roasters and coffee traders all over the world. We supply a quality coffee with natural Ethiopian flavour.

Redefine Specialty Coffee

Fahem has been in the coffee business for more than 25 years. The company started as a local supplier of both washed and natural coffees. The coffee farm is located in Oromiya Region, Jimma zone LimmuSeqa District Checka kebele with an altitude ranging from 1855 to 1958. It covers 200 hectares of land and located in one of the most beautiful natural forest areas of the country. The plantation is managed with maximum care to keep the natural ecosystem intact. There are more than 15 tree species in the plantation that can serve as a shade tree for the coffee.

The Indigenous people who inhabit the surrounding area are mainly from the Oromo ethnic group. They are mainly engaged in crop production and animal husbandry. They also cultivate coffee in small plot of land. The farm is trying to work in harmony with the farmers by organizing them as out-growers with a common goal of mutual benefit.

coffee types


washed coffee

We produce and sell specialty Limmu washed coffee of grade 1 and grade 2 are available.

natural coffee

One of our specialty coffees we produce and sell are Natural Limmu coffee of Grade 2, Grade 3, Grade 4 and
Grade 5

Supplying all types of coffees to the market such as: Limmu, Yergacheffe, Djimma, Harar and Sidamo for all of our loyal customers from all over Ethiopia.
Fahem General Trading has been exporting and mainstreaming specialty Limmu coffee of both washed grande I & II and natural coffees of grande I - V.
Creating awareness by giving training to farmers about water & soil conservation, advantage of reforestation and some of the disadvantages of cutting trees.