coffee production

Fahem Coffee plantation is located in Ethiopia, Oromia Region, Jimma zone Limmu seqa District. The farm covers 200 hectares with an altitude ranging from 1855 to 1958. The farm is located in one of the most beautiful natural forest areas of the country and hence; the plantation is managed with maximum care to keep the natural ecosystem intact. There are more than 15 tree spices in the plantation that can serve as a shade tree for the coffee. The farm is working in harmony with the surrounding farmers by organizing them as out-growers.

Our farm is managed commonly by manual slashing and hand weeding to control all of the weeds we may have in the farm.
We have one of the richest soils in organic matter (forest soil), therefore we don't use any kind of chemical fertilizers.
Coffee cherries are selectively picked by hand & carefully sundried on raised beds made up on mesh wire.

Did You Know?

The Indigenous people who inhabit the surrounding area are mainly from the Oromo ethnic group. They are mainly engaged in crop production and animal husbandry.

They also cultivate coffee in small plot of land in addition to what they collect from the surrounding forests.

The farm is trying to work in harmony with the farmers by organizing them as out-growers with a common goal of mutual benefit.

Mission & vision

Our Mission is to supply the best Ethiopian coffee to the wider world.
Our Vision is to make Fahem brand the standard for the specialty coffee market.